Cognigy.AI Chatbot Integration by Bright IT

Quickly add and customise a Cognigy.AI based chatbot in your Episerver powered website or online shop.



It has never been easier to add Cognigy.AI to your Episerver project. Use our Add-On for quick deployment and configuration of a standard webchat integration.

Easily deploy a Cognigy.AI Webchat Endpoint without custom code
Configure Webchat Options directly in the Episerver backend
Set the sections or pages in which to show or hide the chatbot


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Cognigy.AI is a leading conversational AI platform that allows you to build conversational AIs faster and to accelerate a centralized conversational management across the organization. The Episerver Add-On allows you to quickly connect with and customise a Cognigy.AI based Webchat Endpoint. For additional customisation (e.g. user profile synchronisation) approach us for a custom services and support offer.