SAP CRM for Marketing Automation by Episerver

Build target groups and automatically utilize selected business contacts within Episerver Marketing Automation.

$3600 annually thereafter


The SAP integration for Episerver Marketing Automation is a full round-trip solution for synchronizing your data with SAP CRM on-premises.

Automatically daily transfers ob business contacts.
Synchronize daily bounces and unsubscribes.
Use custom attributes from CRM for personalized campaigns.
Solution based on SAP standards.
Fully customizable.


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  • Publisher Episerver
  • Category ERP, CRM & iPaaS
  • Compatibility Episerver Marketing Automation
  • Episerver Certified integrations use Episerver’s publicly available API’s or JavaScript implementations. They do not directly integrate into the code of a website. These integrations are certified by going through a design review with the Episerver Marketplace Team and providing an integrated solution through a demonstration capability.


The SAP CRM integration lets you transfer B2B and B2C contacts, as well as bounces and unsubscribes to Episerver Campaign, to keep marketing permissions up to date.

The integration is designed to work with the standard version of SAP CRM. To set up the integration, you need to make adjustments to your SAP CRM system, depending on your existing customization. Contact Episerver customer support for assistance with cut-over planning and implementation adjustments.