Quantum Metric Commerce Package by QuantumMetric

Directly relate customer experience to Episerver's platform performance, aligning business and technical teams, and building better digital products faster.



Quantum Metric combines the power of real-time analytics and monitoring, business prioritization, and session replay to give all internal stakeholders a common view of how customers experience your digital products.

One customer experience dataset that aligns all internal stakeholders.
Directly relate customer struggles with underlying application and infrastructure degradation.
Quickly determine revenue impact per customer struggle.
Prioritize by revenue impact from struggles experienced by customer segments.


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  • Publisher QuantumMetric
  • Category Analytics & Customer Intelligence
  • Compatibility Episerver Commerce Cloud Version 10 and above.
  • Episerver Certified integrations use Episerver’s publicly available API’s or JavaScript implementations. They do not directly integrate into the code of a website. These integrations are certified by going through a design review with the Episerver Marketplace Team and providing an integrated solution through a demonstration capability.


Quantum Metric gives business and technical teams a single version of truth, based on the only perspective that matters—customers. Teams will agree on priorities, build better products, and iterate quickly. Join over 120 of the world’s largest ecommerce sites who leverage purposeful, agile methods fostered through continuous product design.