AutoConnect by Semantix AB

Streamline your multilingual content in Episerver with our seamlessly integrated connector. AutoConnect Episerver simplifies the entire translation and publishing process, adding automation, monitoring and selection of services.

$499/per month


Localizing a website can be complex. With AutoConnect Episerver, there’s no more manual effort. You simply select the content you want to be translated and trigger the start of your selected translation workflow with the click of a button. It allows for automation during import and export, monitoring current requests and automatically retrieve completed orders that will get automatically published if desired.

Free up time to create content and reduce time to market.
Shorter time to market.
Automate translation process with possibility to select different localization workflows.
Send for translation, retrieve and publish your translated web content in the same environment.
Track your translation order status in the same environment.


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  • Publisher Semantix AB
  • Category Language & Translation
  • Compatibility Content Cloud 10 or higher, Commerce Cloud 10 or higher
  • Episerver Verified applications or integrations are packaged with NuGet, have associated documentation, and comply with Episerver security, user interface, and integration standards. They are generally apps or integrations that are integrated into the code of an Episerver website.


AutoConnect Episerver should be an integral part of what makes your website language a strategic asset. Semantix will help ensure that the connector and your use of it is designed to suit your localization needs and workflow demands. When your content is ready, just request it to be translated directly within the Episerver software using the AutoConnect add-on. Whether it’s multiple pages or individual blocks of text, and even page assets like metadata and image tags. When your translation is ready, you can import it automatically and publish it immediately or review it first… you decide. Once you’ve ordered a translation, the automated translation process starts immediately. You can monitor it in real time, and when we’re done, the connector plugin imports your translations right where you need them.