SEO Toolbox by Decerno City AB

SEO Toolbox automatically prevents broken links and improves your website's search engine ranking.

$600 annually thereafter


Let SEO Toolbox manage technical SEO towards Google and other search engines, while CMS editors use their time for creative content production.

Automatically creates redirects when editors move or delete pages
Generates dynamic sitemap on-the-fly
Creates automatic hreflang tags for multi-lingual websites
Define unlimited and true short URLs
Manage bulk redirects with RegEx
Use multiple tailored 404s and 410s to guide visitors better


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  • Publisher Decerno City AB
  • Category SEO, Reliability & Accessibility
  • Compatibility CMS All Versions, Commerce All Versions
  • Episerver Verified applications or integrations are packaged with NuGet, have associated documentation, and comply with Episerver security, user interface, and integration standards. They are generally apps or integrations that are integrated into the code of an Episerver website.


SMALL license (1 multi-lingual website) is USD 3 000. MEDIUM license (up to 5 multi-lingual websites) is USD 9 000. LARGE license (up to 10 multi-lingual websites, or COMMERCE) is USD 15 000. The license fee is 20% following years. License covers product updates and use in all environments (dev/ci/demo/stage/prod), making it cheap and simple to manage for devops.